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Basic LED Flexible Stripe Kits

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  • led flexible stripe for the elevator
  • LED Shaft lighting
  • Shaft lighting
LED Flexible Stripe is very inexpensive, very quickly mounted, very small, totally waterproof and ready for connection.     

LED Flexible Stripe provides an EN 81-20 compliant, equally bright and almost shadow-free illumination of the shaft up to 10 m² floor space in concrete walls. At very large shafts a second lighting can be installed e.g. at the opposite shaft wall, and at very high lifts more lightings can be installed one above the other.

The default colour is daylight white, giving a real colour reproduction and a high contrast of all illuminated items in the shaft.

LED Flexible Stripe consists of flexible circuit boards, embedded in a transparent PVC sheath. The inner white moulding of printed circuit boards with side reflectors provides more light output than competitive products. The special seals of all interchanges and the fully encapsulated control electronics integrated in the cable secure IP68. LED Flexible Stripe kits are connected 3 times parallel, thus not only very bright, but also durable. Would it nevertheless come to a PCB track or component failure, only one LED or maximum one meter of the lighting would be affected.    


 Comparison of the shaft illumination

Assembly in the Shaft

Fig. L: minimal length

Fig. R: optimal length

Procedure: drill a 6mm hole every 2m, knock-in the dowels, fasten the LED strip with the cable ties



Technical Data

Height of installation (m)

2000 above mean see level

Mounting position


Ambient temperature

Operation/storage -25 to +55
transportation -25 to +70 (no icing and condensation)

Ambient relative humidity (%)

Operation/storage/transportation 5 to 95

Installation dimensions (incl. wall brackets) (mm)

w x d:  20 x 16 (at the thickest points)

length (m)

1 - 50 (manufactured in full meters)

Bending radius min. (mm)

50 front-back / 300 left-right

Weight (g)

120 per meter (without cable)

Material of the strip

PVC white and transparent

Protection EN60529/EN61140

IP68 / protection class II (insulated)

Luminous intensity (lx)

280 @1m / 125 @2m (measure tol. ±3%)

Quantity / type of LEDs

60 per meter / trichip

Illumination colour

daylight white

Modulation freq. of LEDs (Hz)

2x operating voltage frequency (e.g. 100 Hz)

Beam angle (°)


Lifetime of LEDs (h)


Operating voltage (V)

200-250 AC/DC (0-60 Hz)

Power consumption (W)

8 @230V per meter

Connection cable

PVC, round d=5,7mm, fine-wire 2x 0,75 mm²

required fuse protection

max. 6A (B), recommended 4A (B)

Reverse polarity protection





EN 81-1/-2:1998+A3:2009, EN 81-20:2014

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