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Basic LED Flexible Strip for Lift Shaft Lighting

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The European standards EN81-20 and EN81-50 set the minimum lighting requirements for lift shafts and lift roofs, ensuring proper and safe illumination.

Here are the minimum lighting values:
  • 50 lux up to one meter above the cabin
  • 50 lux up to one meter above the pit
  • 20 lux in other areas
From September 1, 2017, adherence to these standards is required to meet European regulations.

This lift shaft lighting basic kit provides an optimal solution with the following benefits:
  • High lighting performance: Ensures compliance with regulatory standards.
  • High safety and durability: Made to withstand challenging conditions.
  • Easy and quick installation: No need for additional wires or cables.
  • Long life with easy part replacement: Damaged sections can be individually replaced.
  • Cost-effective: Affordable without compromising quality.

  • Cuttable LED strip every meter: Customize length as needed.
  • Included accessories: Everything you need is in the kit.
  • 230 Vac rectifier: Direct power line connection.
  • Ready-to-use: No additional wiring required.
  • Simple installation: Drop the strip in the shaft and secure with wall clips.
  • IP65 waterproof rating: Robust protection for long-term use even in harsh environments.
This kit meets all essential requirements, ensuring both compliance and efficiency.

Our Innolux LED Flexible Strip is a budget-friendly, easy-to-install, compact, and waterproof lighting solution that's ready to use right out of the box.
It meets EN 81-20 standards and provides bright, nearly shadow-free lighting for elevator shafts up to 10 m². For larger or taller shafts, you can add extra strips either opposite each other or stacked vertically.
The default daylight white color ensures true-to-life colors and high contrast. Made with flexible circuit boards inside a clear PVC casing, it offers more light than other products thanks to the white internal coating and side reflectors. All connections are sealed for IP68 protection, keeping out water and dust.

The strips are designed with three parallel circuits for extra brightness and long-lasting performance. If an LED or a section fails, only that small part is affected, keeping the rest of the strip lit.

Light Distribution:

Light distribution values were initially measured in an open space.
Inside the elevator shaft, however, these values can increase up to 20% more thanks to the reflective surfaces of the surrounding shaft walls:

Comparison of the shaft illumination:

Assembly in the Shaft

Fig. L: minimal length

Fig. R: optimal length

Procedure: drill a 6mm hole every 2m, knock-in the dowels, fasten the LED strip with the cable ties

Technical Data


Height of installation (m)


2000 above mean see level  

Mounting position


Ambient temperature

Operation/storage -25 to +55
transportation -25 to +70 (no icing and condensation)

Ambient relative humidity (%)

Operation/storage/transportation 5 to 95

Installation dimensions (incl. wall brackets) (mm)

w x d:  20 x 16 (at the thickest points)

length (m)

1 - 50 (manufactured in full meters)

Bending radius min. (mm)

50 front-back / 300 left-right

Weight (g)

120 per meter (without cable)

Material of the strip

PVC white and transparent

Protection EN60529/EN61140

IP68 / protection class II (insulated)

Luminous intensity (lx)

280 @1m / 125 @2m (measure tol. ±3%)

Quantity / type of LEDs

60 per meter / trichip

Illumination colour

daylight white

Modulation freq. of LEDs (Hz)

2x operating voltage frequency (e.g. 100 Hz)

Beam angle (°)


Lifetime of LEDs (h)


Operating voltage (V)

200-250 AC/DC (0-60 Hz)

Power consumption (W)

8 @230V per meter

Connection cable

PVC, round d=5,7mm, fine-wire 2x 0,75 mm²

required fuse protection

max. 6A (B), recommended 4A (B)

Reverse polarity protection





EN 81-1/-2:1998+A3:2009, EN 81-20:2014

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