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STANDARD Flex LED Strip Shaft Lighting

  • Product item:A10-1002
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  • LED Strip Shaft Lighting
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STANDARD Flex LED Strip Shaft Lighting

INNOLUX Standard Flex LED Strip Shaft Lighting consists of a PVC Light Strip with a 10m Power Cable, which provides equal illumination of the entire shaft by extending in one piece from the shaft ceiling to the shaft pit.
Flexible conductive track fitted with 60 LEDs per metre. The LEDs have a large beam width which contributes to the high level of illumination within the shaft.
At 105g per metre, the light strip is as light as no other shaft lighting system. Lengths of up to 50m are possible with one strip, no connection pieces are needed so it avoids the formation of loop resistance
Attachment to the shaft wall is quick and easy. Mounting is performed downwards from the shaft head providing the advantage of the light band becoming its own plumb line.

Supply Voltage

230 V

Angle of Radiation


Lifetime (mttf)


Colour Temperature

6000 - 6500 K (could be customized)

Average Illumination Level

80 Lux

Power Cable

10m  (could be customized)

Maximum Length

100m  (could be customized)



Protection Class


IP Protection Rating

IP 65

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