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Elevator Shaft Lighting / Lift Shaft Lighting

Elevator Shaft Lighting / Lift Shaft Lighting 

Starting Autumn 2023, fluorescent lights will no longer be available, following the phase-out of halogen lights.
Finding fluorescent tubes and bulbs is becoming tougher, and prices are going up due to rising demand.
It's also challenging to find replacements for burnt-out ballasts.

We advise upgrading your elevator shaft lighting to energy-efficient LEDs.
Despite the upfront cost, they are more economical in the long run compared to fluorescents and can last up to 50,000 hours.
They offer 20% more frontal light and increase emergency lighting by 95%.
Plus, they have lower glare and improve light distribution, perfect for shafts, and use up to 12% less energy, going up to 60% savings compared to traditional fluorescents.

Check out examples of recent upgrades:

We're also ready to upgrade your lift cabin and motor room lighting.

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